Sunday, September 20, 2015


Before it was ripped apart and then photographed to look all scary, it was just a homemade clock, the same as which several white kids also turned in. None of them were arrested. People keep saying Ahmed’s not dumb and should’ve known it looked like a bomb (but it didn’t), and that he was just trying to get attention. No, he’s not dumb. They are. Because it did not resemble a bomb. He just resembled someone they feared. That’s all there was to it. He also wasn’t just put in handcuffs. He was detained, questioned, terrified, and refused the right to make his phonecall to get help, for hours. Nobody wanted that kind of attention. Blaming the victim. That girl shouldn’t have worn that dress kind of thinking. I don’t think so, people. Stop trying to excuse this. You’re only making yourself look dumber.