Friday, September 11, 2015


Um… no. Can you rightwing people get just ONE THING right for once? Planned Parenthood has done NOTHING that violates federal law. All investigations proved this. Your video was a sham. DOJ on the other hand was just making sure drug cartels are as armed as you think everyone else should be, because you think guns need to be everywhere. Who are you going to arrest? And when are you going to start with those who sold arms to Iran? (You know, Cheney?) And the IRS was not found targeting JUST YOU. Hillary has violated NOTHING, not that you’d ever hear that fact on Fox, nor care. But Davis was in CONTEMPT OF COURT, violating the rights of equal tax-paying citizens. Don’t pretend you have even the slightest moral or legal high horse in this at all, rightwing. You just fail, fail, fail.