Monday, September 7, 2015



There was a recent story that some paranoid shit thought Sharia Law was being imposed because a Muslim cashier in a supermarket wouldn’t ring up alcohol for the guy, but it turned out legally he couldn’t because he was under aged and had nothing to do with it. Rightwingers were hypocritically outraged (and misinformed) but here’s a chance for them to be outraged without the misinformation (though still hypocritically so). Is Islam being persecuted here? Will they say that? And you know something, alcohol on flights can cause harm to other people, nor is this flight attendant subject to an oath taken like Kim Davis had done. So laughingly they’ll call for this woman to be arrested though it’s a firable (not arrestable) offense. Just watch as the right wing erupts and shows yet more ignorance and hypocrisy over this one. It should be amusing.