Friday, September 11, 2015


Source:, if you’ll forgive me, is not often the most reliable source, so I double-checked this to find they’re not exaggerating this one at all. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (at on confirms the details, as well as confirms that it is the “latest in [a] series of area jail incidents” in which blacks who have been arrested on minor charges suddenly commit suspicious suicide (at also on “Why would I hang myself?” said Bernard Scott, who had no recollection of trying to hang himself but has, after an 11-day coma from the incident, no memory of what happened . “I was in on traffic tickets.” As StlToday says: The incident in scandal-plagued Pine Lawn led to an internal review that went nowhere. Police officers and jail workers submitted statements that contradicted each other and the paramedic’s report. An examination of available public records by a Post-Dispatch reporter found no documented effort to sort out discrepancies. This confirms that, yes, cops can and will fake suicides on people, and makes even the dumbest people have to reconsider what they think about Sandra Bland’s case. But to those with a routine habit of having thoughts, it merely confirms what we already know. Black lives don’t matter to cops.