Sunday, August 16, 2015



This. Several books were deep and profound about women’s health issues, but this is the one that impressed into me the most about what women suffer when they are forced with a choice. Some had so many children already to care for that they couldn’t bear another crying child. They would be forced to go into the field and give birth without a sound, then leave the child, and return to act as though they’d miscarried, hoping they would be believed and not punished for it. Some where punished for actual miscarriages as though it were their fault. Some were forced to abandon the child if the father did not want another. The common factor in every single one of these examples of treachery was the woman was not given autonomy over her own body. And in the tribes or nations where she was, she lived responsibly and in peace, and it was better for the entire tribe or nation. The real stories don’t lie. What lies are the many men telling women the Bible says they must have every baby and can make no decision.