Sunday, August 16, 2015



If you ever wondered why the attacks on Planned Parenthood infuriated me, it was because I knew stories like this. I’ve studied the histories and treacheries that women faced in my time in college. But I didn’t even need that. I just had to think for a second. Would I want someone to tell me what to do with my body if something I didn’t want was growing in me? And the answer to that was a resounding no. All it takes is a second of empathy and thought. That’s why they rage in emotional screaming about baby-killing, without even thinking for a second that the thing they’re talking about isn’t even remotely a baby yet and that now is the time to make a non-emotional decision without pressure and shame thrown onto the woman, before it IS a baby. Every Sperm is Sacred was a joke song written long ago. Most mankind grew up from that stupidity. Do we really need to mock you pro-forced-birthers with Every Fetus is Sacred in this day and age?