Monday, March 2, 2015

LGBT Rights Not Inevitable, says Complete Cunt

LGBT Rights Not Inevitable, says Complete Cunt

"Don't believe for a minute that the Supreme Court’s decision in June on marriage equality, no matter how positive, will diminish the crusade against LGBT equality. In fact," Phyllis Schlafly says, "it will only serve to reinvigorate the anti-gay movement."

Well yes, we know it will. We also know the tactic. Don't you dare make progress or we'll be forced to fight your progress and boy will you be sorry then! It's kind of her way of telling a black person to get back to the back of the bus or else they'll make people start pushing to get them back there. Guess they don't get the idea of why we fight, as they demonstrate the very reason we fight.

“We should develop all kinds of strategies -- legal strategies, legislative strategies and public opinion strategies, in order to reject the rules of, in many cases, a single judge or just a simply majority of judges,” she said. 

Notice she's more worried about judges rather than actual interpretation of the law which is about "liberty and justice for all," and not just for herself. The true Ameriturd way.

Maybe she should just take her own advice and step out of the inevitable position women are now in (thanks to liberals), get back in the goddamned kitchen and make sandwiches for the adults doing the legislation business.