Friday, September 19, 2014

Mr. O’Reilly, here is your ass, handed to you with style

And he asks  Jon, like we have to obviously zero in on SOMEONE… because why wouldn’t we in a fair and balanced society that assumes innocence until proven guilty. Clearly he didn’t get the memo of how society functions if there’s a such fucking thing as FREEDOM.

It comes about the same time when they thought, thought for a second their IRS Scandal bullshit was possibly real… you know, before the IRS was shown to target political organizations period, and that Issa failed to show the full transcript because it shows that they were completely not singling out the Right at all. So you get through that shit, and then…Jon brings it down to their own targeting of Islam for a few in acts of terror. Just before the five minute mark in this video. GRAND. FUCKING. SLAM!