Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 10 Bipartisan Jobs Bills Blocked by Senate Democrats - AMAC, Inc.

With so many angry at GOP obstructionism, this rightwing source is trying to bring about a talking point that the Democrats have done blocking too! This list of jobs bills that are “bipartisan” are hardly jobs bills. Well, except for the first one. Let’s go through their list:
  • H.R. 3474 – Conservative groups referred to it as a “special-interest orgy.” Rather than blocking it, they attached it to the EXPIRE Act, to let Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire, and that’s when it was blocked… by Republicans. You know, because Bush tax cuts are for the rich, and they must never end.
  • H.R. 10 – Was argued against critically that “the federal government is taking too much of a direct role in defining ‘quality’ and ‘high performance’ charter schools,” which I thought you guys were against. It was said the bill was “taking away power from the states to make their own decisions about what charter schools qualify for grants.” Who said this? Center for Education Reform. And really, not a jobs bill.
  • H.R. 3309 – is about patents. It prevents lawsuits on patents. I’d hardly call it a jobs bill. It falls more under your guys’ flawed notion of tort reform.
  • H.R. 624 – CISPA a jobs bill? Are you nuts? CISPA has been criticized by advocates of Internet privacy and civil liberties, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, Free Press, Fight for the Future, and, as well as various conservative and libertarian groups including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, TechFreedom, FreedomWorks, Americans for Limited Government, Liberty Coalition, and the American Conservative Union. Those groups argue CISPA contains too few limits on how and when the government may monitor a private individual’s Internet browsing information. Additionally, they fear that such new powers could be used to spy on the general public rather than to pursue malicious hackers.
  • H.R. 4438 – This is a bill that would amend the Internal Revenue Code to modify the calculation method and the rate for the tax credit for qualified research expenses that expired at the end of 2013 and would make that modified credit permanent. It’s a tax credit bill. Again, not a jobs bill.
  • H.R. 4457 – It’s not really so much a jobs bill as it is a bill for extending limit of tax deductions for businesses permanently. They did not block it to block jobs but to block careless permanant moves. The two Democrat Senators who blocked it said “I think it is the opposite of tax reform…” would add to the deficit and make it harder to find money to pay for other necessary programs. “I wouldn’t vote at this time to make them permanent but I certainly favor extending them for two years.”
  • H.R. 6 – A bill with the word ‘freedom’ in it. Nothing suspicious there. Freedom is usually the Right’s way of saying something stupid. This bill, in fact, is about the DOE’s handling of natural gas. The CBO said it would really not affect much of anything, from the federal budget to the administrative costs. It was also argued that “unlimited and unchecked export of LNG to nations that have yet to sign free trade agreements with the U.S. will undermine the efforts of U.S. trade negotiators to open closed markets to all American goods and services,” and that allowing greater exports of LNG would increase “domestic natural gas and electricity prices for every American.” So again, not really a jobs bill, but one that would increase prices on Americans.
  • H.R. 4453 – This is a bill that would amend the IRS Code of 1986 to reduce from 10 to 5 years the period during which the built-in gains of an S corporation are subject to tax and to make such reduction permanent. It’s a way to cut taxes on corporations by changing the rule of whether they have to pay S or C level taxes. S corporations do not pay any federal income taxes, so this helps more corporations qualify as S instead of C. S corporations pass those taxes onto the shareholders instead. So you know, a way to widen the loophole and screw the investors. NOT a jobs bill unless you still think such things trickle down..
  • H.R. 2218 – is a bill to loosen rules on disposal of coal. The Committee on Energy & Commerce said it “would do little to bring a closer resolution to coal ash disposal. It would abandon proven models of environmental protection and adopt an approach that we have every reason to believe would fail if enacted. This proposal will not ensure the safe disposal of coal ash, protect groundwater, or prevent dangerous air pollution.” Jobs bill? Hardly..
  • H.R. 1105 – This bill exempts investment advisers from the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) registration and reporting requirements (from Dodd-Frank) when they provide advice to a private equity fund with outstanding debt that is less than twice the amount of capital that has been committed to and invested by the fund.

So you notice, there’s one jobs bill in this list that Democrats actually pushed through, and nine bills all about trickle-down theory that only guarantee making the rich richer.
Here’s a list of bills blocked by Republicans in Congress that would’ve passed Senate, but only failed because they didn’t have 60% (rather than the Constitutional 50%) of Congressional vote:
  • Bring Jobs Home Act – Would grant businesses a tax credit for eliminating a business outside the US and relocating it in the US.
  • Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act – Gives small businesses a tax credit if their 2012 payrolls were higher than their 2011 payrolls
  • Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act – Giving employers tax breaks for bringing overseas jobs back to America
  • In fact they’ve blocked all jobs bills from Obama that would give incentive to insource jobs back into the U.S. Daily Kos (go ahead and whine about a left-bent source, but you’ll find it not as bent as the rightwing source with this “top ten”) listed all the ways GOP has thrown Veterans under the bus job-wise:
  • They’ve blocked a minimum wage increase that’d help many get off of welfare. They said it would make people lose jobs. In fact it would limit how many jobs many have to have to get by. 
  • They blocked ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which prevents people from not being able to get jobs!
  • They blocked the U.N. Treaty to protect the equal rights of the disabled. This affects jobs.
  • They blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act. Directly affects the jobs women do for lesser pay than their male coworkers.
  • They blocked the Payroll Tax Cut Renewal that would lower tax burdens on the poor who are paying more than many rich people (S corporation owners again?).

So again, bills that actually affect jobs are blocked by Republicans, and jobs that are blocked by Democrats are usually just reckless trickle-down things that would help the rich get richer or relax standards for pollution, security for food and water, etc…