Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obama's Horrible if you don't, Impeachment Material if you do!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013, 9:34 AM, Jim Hoft calls Obama horrible! Why? Well, it's because ... oh here, I'll let him speak for himself before this article disappears from the internets:


So anyway, he was horrible for not getting Burgdahl, says this rightwing source. And he's hardly the only one. There was also Freedom Outpost,,,, (had it but has since taken it down), and... well... this person.

Well, now Gateway Pundit is helping spread the lunatic conspiracy theory shit that his father and he were terrorists themselves. Now Obama is accused of setting terrorists free, while being called a liar about Burgdahl's health, and so much more. You can see for yourself at that blog.

We'll come back to the other sources later. For now, let's see some of the comments made by people on the Gateway Pundit site, where people have their names linked with their accounts, so you can see the before/afters of some rightwing hypocrites:


Well, I'm not really sure how Obama has shown he doesn't care about military, but apparently when he shows he does, it's "working with terrorists."


Patty recalls the day of Bush's feels. Awwww. Of course he sent those men to die for Cheney's Halliburton profits, but he hugs. That's so nice. But when you actually rescue an American POW, she's more concerned with law than hugs. And that's absurd since he didn't break that law if Congress had known this was possible since 2011.


Obama goes magically from dictator in chief who doesn't care about the POWs, to... well... apparently cavt now things someone named Dingy might possibly be worse for America than that dictator for thinking it was the right thing to do to free a POW. Or something.

So you can see that rightwing land has their sheep well in line. Tell them what to think yesterday, and they think it. Tell them something new tomorrrow, and ba-a-a-a-a-a-a, we obey-ey-ey-ey-ey.

As for those other sources?

For Freedom Outpost, it's now a criminal act, and it all apparently lands on a "nauseating punchline," where apparently the right thing to do is let a deserter die rather than come home to face proper charges. Funny, we're only all finding out now that it was a deserter situation, but it's okay that they didn't know it and chewed Obama out for not doing it yet then without that knowledge, but not okay that he did it rather than leaving him there based on what was still just hearsay. Figure that one out.

For Before Its News, they now are on crazed conspiracy notions that soldiers are threatened not to question the Burgdahl story. But that's moot for us now, because apparently Jewish prophets are warning us all to FLEE AMERICA NOW before it's TOO LATE!!! So you know, there's that.

Zionica has no new info on Burgdahl because they're too busy worrying about the Presbyterian response to the Gay Agenda. I'm betting it's, "You really think Jesus would wear go-go boots?"

And the Real Revo was asking, back then, "Where is the outrage?" Apparently the outrage is in the fact that... well... we got the POW, of course. Complete with a MAD magazine LUL that makes you just nyuk your socks off:


And that other blogger at least isn't jumping to speculations and is happy that he's home. But s/he's echoing the lie that the five who were traded for him are among the worst of the worst in that prison. Turns out... that's bullshit.

And that notion that the six soldiers whose lives were lost looking for him? Um... no. Murky details at best. Certainly not solid enough for the Right's outright condemnation of a man.

Other than just to show hate for Obama. That's all. Nothing else. But that's absurd, right? I mean it's not like they started a bunch of crazed conspiracy theories about this whole thing before they even knew any details?
Except they did. And you see how quickly they flopped once they knew he was being rescued by President Chocolate Jesus. Might as well face it, Rightwing, you're addicted to hate.