Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A new talking point I've detected

Okay, first… “Low-Information voters” is the new talking point name going around for liberals. I’ve had that exact term tossed at my at least thirty times in recent weeks. But sadly, it was always from people with zero information who didn’t like the factual info that I’d posted.
Second, the Constitution’s purpose is to lay the ground rules for the government. The government, as the creator of this graphic seems to have forgotten, is to govern. Governing involves defending rights, but also limiting them. I’m going to assume that this graphic was made by someone who is trying to talk about gun rights, because it reeks of it. But that same Constitution doesn’t mention guns one single time without insisting they be regulated, and insisting it is government’s job to do so.
Making this graphic completely meaningless, misguiding, and pretty much saying nothing of real value. It comes from people who think government can’t do nuthin’ right, probably thinks there should be less of it, etc, but probably wouldn’t hesitate for one second to push government’s role into the legislation of what a woman should do with her own body, etc.
Here’s the fact. People keep saying that if we regulate guns, we should regulate other things that kill, like cars. And do you feel like your right to cars are infringed? They are not. Not in any way whatsoever. But you know what we do to cars? We regulate them. We put plates on them so that people can hold you accountable for how you handle your car. We make you train to operate them properly. We license you so that you can drive them legally. We insure you so that if you cause, or are in, an accident, people harmed can be compensated for their sufferings. Nothing about that infringes on your right to own cars. Nothing. You have rights, but with rights come responsibilities.
That’s all we want for guns. If we can do that with cars, we can do that with guns, and it doesn’t infringe you at all. After all, the Constitution says it’s the government’s job to do so, and the amendment that has “well regulated” in its wording does not contradict that in any way whatsoever.
And why? To defend my right to live safely instead of living in a world where no crazy, homicidal son of a bitch can buy any gun and be untraceable for his actions. Thanks NRA, but you’ve managed to make people insanely stupid about this issue.