Saturday, October 5, 2013

False Equivalence Arguments = Too Mentally Lazy for Democracy

UPDATE: After this, the original lunkhead, Trevor, came back and threw a monster tl;dr bunch of bullshit (well, I didn’t read it, but it was definitely tl to have to read that much bullshit). He later deleted it, but I was able to capture it anyway through screenshots on my phone. I was away during that time, as you’ll see…
His comments were all turned to “null” as you can see.
Okay first, Trevor, your original post steps in and tells us that both sides are to blame. The topic at hand here is the shut-down, and both sides are NOT to blame. You then respond to insults thrown at David Windhead who stormed in calling names. Did you expect me to be nice to him? I don’t think so.
And it was you who flew off topic to blab about every problem in the world when the topic was not every problem in the world. 
You offer no alternatives. Just stop voting for both parties. Then who do we vote for? Ron Paul? The Green Party? You do know that would be throwing our votes away? You do claim that you don’t say both parties are equally to blame, but you then insist that we throw our votes away. For whom?  If every politician is corrupt because you say so, anyone else we vote for will become corrupt too. But the poor haven’t got time to worry about the shit you’re talking about. Your kind always storms in under the assumption that we’re brainwashed (as was evident above) and in need of your education. But it’s the liberals who know these things. We have Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! and Rachel Maddow and Daily Kos and a whole slew of actual liberal media (very rare, and very rarely heard about) or brought into the main fold of conversation. We are aware. You storm in assuming that we aren’t.
But the fight is this. The Democrats have fought by far more often for the needs of the people, and the Republicans to strike down their needs and to continue to destroy their needs. Because of your tantrums we’re supposed to abandon that fight and starve, go without medicine, and give up the battle against further tax cuts for the rich (which are REPUBLICAN caused issues) just to make you happy? 
You are all over the place on this post, and I’m talking about the government shut down which would discredit the entire borrowing power of the United States. I didn’t say this is the worst thing ever. It is, however, a huge fucking deal, and being done out of spite of a black man. That’s low, and that’s insane, and it’s all to destroy a long-time battle for the need to bring solution to the healthcare crisis. 
must count you as an idiot because you go into the ridiculousness of our government being a big failure, which is the talking point of those who want to go into government and further destroy it. We know. We’ve heard. But it is mentally lazy to toss everyone out and hate them all the way you suggest we do.
The battle against austerity is too fucking huge and important for us to carelessly throw our hands in the air like your kind wants us to do. 
I could answer to all your points, but you withdrew them so I’m no longer obligated to. Take your cowardly ass elsewhere. We’re fighting for important things here. You’re just throwing adolescent tantrums. That helps nobody.