Friday, September 13, 2013

STFUGOP • Was it all just a setup from Ailes?

With all the hyperbole about Putin supposedly castrating America and taking Obama's lunch money, a quote from Roger Ailes a year ago suggests this was actually a setup?

And would that actually surprise anybody?
As exposed by, oddly enough, FoxNews itself, and here's the Daily Show talking about the entire story. Watch these three clips in order:

But ask yourself... is FoxNews really that low? Never mind. Of course they are.

This is just a bullshit fiasco and a half, and now we're all stuck in tar. I agree, we're not that exceptional in the ways Rightwingers... RIGHT-FUCKING-WINGERS are always trying to claim we are... the same people who are loving watching you supposedly harm Obama because they hate him more than they love America... that their own guy would sell out America to Russia just to hopefully make him look wrong for a few minutes in a story.

That just butters my motherfucking Elvis.